It’s now October which means rainy season is upon us. And when it rains here in the Pacific Northwest, it really rains! While rain is good for our plants and soil, downpours and continual rainfall can lead to some serious plumbing problems, so let’s get right into them.


Water will find the path of the least resistance, so when rain hits, you’ll often see water accumulate in dips and other low points of your lawn. If you don’t have adequate drainage in place to direct this runoff, this can become a serious problem. Water can seep into your basement or crawlspace and compromise the stability of your home’s foundation or driveway.

To help prevent flooding, you’ll want to consider a drainage system like a French drain or catch basin for your yard and gutters and downspouts around your home.

Drain Clogs

Oftentimes heavy rainstorms can bring leaves, stick, and rocks into your sewer system and cause a blockage. If you’re experiencing slow draining or pooling water in your sinks or bathtubs, you might have a clog.

Sewage Backups

Similar to your drains, your sewer line can also become affected by debris brought in by rain–something nearly everyone faces because our systems aren’t designed to manage such large amounts of water. Not to mention debris. If your sewer line gets clogged by debris, you may see dirty water accumulating in your drains. Over time, this buildup can also cause your pipes to crack or burst.

To help prevent this, regularly clean your drains and pipes, especially before a rainstorm.

Pipe Bursts

A sudden shift in weather patterns such as going from dry weather to heavy rainfall can cause your pipes to crack and break. Flooding also puts pressure on your pipes which can lead to a pipe burst, especially if your pipes are old or damaged. If you notice the water in your home is discolored or has low pressure, it may mean your pipes are broken. You’ll want to have them replaced as soon as possible to avoid further issues.

Don’t let the Pacific Northwest rain ruin your plumbing! If you’re experiencing any of these plumbing problems or want to prevent them from occurring, contact the licensed plumbers at Clog Pro. We’ve been providing exceptional and affordable plumbing to the Portland and Vancouver area since 1993.