The winter season often brings heavy rains throughout the Portland OR and Vancouver WA metro area. Many residential properties in the Portland Metro area have catch basins that are designed to collect that water and move it away from the property and into the sewer. Storm drains may be the most recognizable type of catch basins, but many other types are used throughout this area. Regardless of type, though, it is necessary to keep your catch basin clean and maintained to prevent stormwater flooding. Learn how from the expert local plumbers at Clog Pro Plumbing!

Use Of Your Catch Basin

Street drains and other types of basins are designed specifically to collect water. Due to the nature of drainage, these basins are intended to accommodate a certain amount of debris. However, you should never dump anything directly into your basin, including pet waste, cooking oil, and grease. Doing so can lead to a clogged storm drainage system and flooding.

Regular Inspection

We recommend that homeowners perform regular inspections of their storm drains and other catch basins. The frequency of inspections should depend on the volume of rain recently received, but it’s never a bad idea to check on the state of your drainage systems. It is a good idea to inspect them after any heavy storm as soon as it is safe and practical to do so.

Cleaning Your Catch Basin

You should try to clean your catch basin on a regular basis: at least once a month but more often during rainy periods. Clean the mouth of the basin, but also the basin itself, by removing and properly disposing of debris in your garbage or yard waste bins. It is easiest to do this during a dry period when all the detritus is easily collected from the bottom. If detritus is left to accumulate, it will eventually clog the exit tube and lead to a much more expensive problem.

Drainage Repair

Cleaning your catch basin often enough that it is never filled with detritus beyond the one-third mark should help you avoid serious troubles. Nevertheless, issues can occur, and if you notice overflow, an excessively damp area near the basin, or a pest infestation, you likely need professional storm drain repairs. Solutions will vary based on the condition of the catch basin, its foundation, and your soil type, but can include:

Catch Basin Maintenance

If you need your catch basin cleaned or repaired in the Portland OR and Vancouver WA area, let Clog Pro Plumbing help. We’ve been serving the area since 1993, and we’re confident we can provide you with a 5-star experience. Give us a call today to get started!