Grease traps are useful filters many restaurants use to dispose of fats and oils that may clog up their drains. Lots of restaurant owners aren’t sure how and when they should be cleaning their grease traps. Little do they know that the longer they wait to clean them, the worse the resulting possibilities will be! Here is what will happen if you don’t clean those overdue grease traps.

What Will Happen If You Ignore Your Grease Trap

Not only will you experience clogs if you ignore your grease trap, but failing to comply with specific regulations could lead to fines and penalties.

  • If you have your grease trap cleaned that’s maintained regularly, it will cost between $200 – $500, and triple that amount if you ignore them.
  • Unclean grease traps have a revolting smell, which may cause customer visits to decrease.
  • Health inspectors may fine you for unclean grease traps, or if you have no grease traps at all.
  • Dirty grease traps are a serious health hazard, and will contaminate the dishes that are washed in the water.
  • Grease traps will become impossible to clean if excess buildup becomes too hard.

Professional Grease Trap Cleaning

In the long run, persistent grease trap cleaning is essential and if you continue to ignore your grease traps, you’re risking your business, and the health of those you serve food to. For optimum grease trap cleaning turn to Clog Pro. At Clog Pro our licensed professionals are excited to work with you and are committed to making your grease traps clean and risk-free. For effective grease trap cleaning, contact Clog Pro today!