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If you are experiencing blockage or drainage issues, Clog Pro can perform a sewer video inspection of your plumbing to identify and locate the exact location of the blockage in your sewer pipes or drains. A specially designed waterproof camera is attached to a flexible rod that guides it through the pipes and around corners in order to deliver a thorough and accurate inspection.

What kind of plumbing issues can sewer and plumbing video inspections accurately identify?

Our highly accurate state of the art sewer and plumbing video inspection service is very successful in identifying root intrusion issues, misaligned, corroded, cracked or broken pipes, grease buildup and other obstructions. Depending on the issue identified, we may perform a video inspection after the plumbing service is performed to give you added peace of mind. Additionally, sewer video inspection is also used for preventative measures by identifying potential issues and vulnerabilities in the sewer pipes.

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How will you know the exact location of the blockage once the camera finds it?

The specially designed waterproof camera comes equipped with a radio transmitter that reveals the exact location of the blockage to the technician on site. With this state of the art plumbing equipment, there truly is no guess work. We will be able to quickly and efficiently resolve your drainage issue, guaranteed.

Will I be able to view the camera feed?

Yes, you have the option of viewing the video inspection feed as we perform the service. We are proud of the high-quality sewer video inspection services we offer, and we encourage our valued customers to ask questions and get involved in the plumbing repair process. Clog Pro can also provide a recording on site or a link to view your video online.

How far down the sewer pipes can the camera go?

The camera is able to travel the full length of your sewer pipe to the municipal sewer system.

Can you locate lost jewelry with a plumbing video inspection?

Yes! We have been successful in helping our customers locate jewelry and other valuable items that have fallen down their drains.

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