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Clogged drains can cause water damage and even lead to unsanitary and unsafe conditions. Whether its a sink back up or sewer back up, clogged pipes are bad news. If normal do-it-yourself remedies are not leading to a long-term solution, hire a plumbing company to perform hydro jetting services.

What Is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting and pipe flushing by Clog Pro In Vancouver, WA and Portland, ORHydro-jetting is a an effective way of scouring drain pipes clean. Using special equipment, a high-velocity water flow is put through the pipes. This clears any physical blockage and can also remove residue and build up. It is safe and environmentally friendly. There are hydro jetting cost benefits as it is more affordable on large systems than rooting or other cleaning solutions.

Since no harsh chemicals or cleaners are involved, you don’t need to worry about degrading pipes or harming children and pets. The specialized hose delivers a deep and thorough cleaning. Blockages can be caused by dirt, sludge, rust, tree roots and even objects which have gone down the drain. Hydro-jetting works equally well on any of these blockages.

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Regular Hydro Jetting Maintenance

Regularly scheduled hydro jetting services are a handy way to maintain properties that are old and may have degrading pipes. Most commonly, trees on the property eventually send their roots down into the pipes. This can cause backups and further erode the pipes. Regularly scheduled hydro-jetting can keep the tree roots from making a permanent hold in small entry locations in the piping. This can also wash away dirt or other blockages that can make their way in with the tree roots. Some homeowners prefer to have hydro-jetting done yearly to avoid the possibility of roots making headway into their plumbing and drainage. This is one of the many hydro jetting benefits you can count on with an experienced plumbing company.

Hydro Jetting Benefits For Businesses

Commercial clients should be especially concerned with having properly working plumbing systems. Even if a business does not serve food or perform any type of sanitary service, backing up sewer pipes can cause property damage and will most certainly close the business at least for a few days. Many who elect this service just for the hydro jetting cost benefit find that the results are even better than they expected.

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