Many businesses across the country are now planning to resume operations as more people get vaccinated and COVID-19 restrictions lift. If you’re one of those businesses preparing to reopen, you can take the following steps from Clog Pro to ensure employees and customers are safe and comfortable.

Flush Your Plumbing System

If your business was closed for quite some time and the plumbing wasn’t used, you’ll want to fully flush it before resuming operations. Standing or stagnant water can increase the risk of Legionella and other biofilm-associated bacteria, leading to Legionnaires’ disease. Standing water can also cause low levels of chlorine.

Flush hot and cold water through all of your plumbing fixtures.

Clean Out Plumbing Fixtures

In addition to your pipes, you’ll also want to clean out ice machines by removing old ice, cleaning the appliance, and replacing it with new ice. Follow your manufacturer manual for this process.

Inspect Your Plumbing For Odors

Sewage odors are unpleasant for anyone and can quickly turn away customers. Sewage odors generally stem from the p-trap in your sink. Fortunately, running the water usually solves the problem.

Inspect Your Building For Mold

Mold will develop where there is moisture. Inspect your commercial building for mold as well as signs of leaks and condensation that may be causing mold growth.

Check Your Water Heater

Inspect your water heater and have it serviced if it hasn’t been used for a prolonged period of time. Ensure it’s set to at least 140°F.

Commercial Plumbing Experts In Vancouver WA

These are just a few tips to help your business prepare for reopening post-COVID-19. For a more comprehensive list, take a look at the CDC’s Guidance for Reopening Buildings After Prolonged Shutdown or Reduced Operation.

And if you have a commercial business in the Portland and Vancouver area and want to have a safe reopening, Clog Pro Plumbing and Drain can help. Our plumbing technicians follow safety guidelines designed to keep them and you healthy, while also providing exceptional plumbing service. We’re available 7 days a week!