Often times, people with homes attached to septic tanks wonder what it would take to switch to a city sewer system. This is especially true for homes that were built in rural areas with no access to city sewers. However, with development and expansion of their area, these homeowners now have this option. If you live in the Vancouver, WA or Portland, OR areas and are interested in switching from a septic system to a city sewer system continue reading.

Septic to sewer conversion is best left to an experienced and trusted plumbing professional. Connecting to a city sewer system is an in-depth process and it is in your best interest to hire someone that is already familiar with this work.

Steps To Convert From Septic To Sewer

  1. The first step is to contact the city utility company for an overview of the process, including required permits, fees and time frame.
  2. Before choosing a plumber for the job, call several different companies for quotes. Don’t forget to ask specifically if they have experience with connecting to a city sewer system and insist on references for this type of work. Once you have the references, do not neglect to contact them to confirm their endorsement.
  3. Ensure the plumbing company of your choice has the capability and willingness to work with the city to get the job done right. This work requires a plumber with a strong initiative and ownership of the entire project.

Considerations In Converting Septic To Sewer

Although your plumber will be responsible for getting the job done, it is important that you are informed on how the process should go. Once the plumber has gotten approval from the city with the appropriate permits, digging can begin to prepare for the installation of a pipe that connects your home’s plumbing system to the city sewer.

  • Be sure that all other utilities for the home are clearly marked before digging commences.
  • The pipe connecting your home to the city sewer system should be concise and direct.
  • Once the installation of the pipe is complete, be sure the city inspects the connection before closing up the hole.

Septic Tank Wrap-Up

Once your home is connected to the city sewer system, you still need to deal with the septic tank. Have your trusted plumbing professional take care of the septic tank tear down process to avoid dealing with more than one contractor. Your city will also have specific requirements about this process, so be sure that you and your plumber are clear about these expectations. The septic tank wrap up process includes:

  1. Pumping out septic tank
  2. Crushing tank
  3. Filling tank with rocks/gravel
  4. Repeat process for drain field
  5. Have the city inspect the finished work for accuracy and completeness