Here Is How:

  1. First, make sure no water is being used inside or outside of the house.
  2. Next, check the water meter’s flow indicator, usually shown as a star or triangle shape.
  3. Find the main water shutoff valve for your home and turn it off. With the valve closed and water off, now check the meter.
    • If the flow indicator is not spinning, water is not moving through the meter and the leak is likely inside your home.
    • if the flow indicator is spinning, there may be a leak in the water line between the meter and valve, or an irrigation system if you have one.

How To Check Toilets For Water Leaks:

Put a dye tablet or a few drops of food color in the upper water tank of the toilet. Wait 30 minutes. Do not flush or use the toilet during this time. Watch for any color to appear in the toilet bowl, which indicates a leak.

If you cannot locate your water meter, cannot turn off your valve or have questions, please call Clog Pro. We can help diagnose these issues and or provide an estimate or repairs.

Water Usage/Sewer Review

Sewer charges are based on the amount of water your household used during the winter months and reflected on utility bills each year. High water consumption can affect your sewer charges.