In the summer, your water usage can increase as much as 50% — whether it’s from extra showers or laundry. Combine that with the summer heat and other summer activities like car-washing and lawn-watering, and you could be headed for a plumbing disaster.

Don’t fret, we’re here to help. We’ve compiled a list of summer plumbing tips that will give your plumbing (and utility bill) a break.

Plumbing Inside Of Your Home

  • Inspect your plumbing for leaks. Check underneath your sinks, your water heater, and your toilet. Here’s a helpful tip on how to determine if you have a water leak. Check your water meter at a point of the day when no water is being used. Then, check it again hours later to see if the water meter has moved at all. If it has moved, you likely have a leak. As for leaks in your toilet, you can easily test this by adding a few drops of food coloring in your toilet tank. Don’t flush. If after a while you see colored water in your bowl, you may have a toilet leak.
  • When was the last time you replaced your washing machine hose? If it’s been longer than three years, it’s time. Also, make sure your washer is at least 4 inches away from the wall. This will help prevent the hoses from getting kinked and damaged.
  • If you’re going on vacation, consider turning down your water to help conserve energy
  • With all of the activity your garbage disposal may see in the summer, it’s important to ensure it remains clog-free. Don’t send stringy foods, grease, or fats down your garbage disposal. If your garbage disposal needs sharpening, pour ice cubes down the drain, then while running cold water, turn on the unit.
  • Here in the Pacific Northwest, we still experience a lot of rain in the summer which can spell disaster if you have a basement. So make sure your basement sump pump is in good working order to help avoid any flooding from a summer downpour.

Outdoor Plumbing

  • Water your lawn between the hours of midnight and 9 a.m. for more efficient watering. When you water during the day, most of the water is evaporated, so you’ll just end up wasting money.
  • Clear your gutters. Over the fall and winter, a lot of foliage may have accumulated in your gutters. Making sure they’re clear of debris will help prevent soil erosion and flooding. It will also keep your foundation and/or basement dry.
  • Inspect your outdoor faucets and water lines for cracks and leaks

Summer is an exciting time for people. The weather is great, the children are out of school, and there are so many fun activities you can do outdoors. Don’t let a plumbing problem ruin your summer fun. Give us at Clog Pro a call if you’re experiencing any plumbing issues. We serve both homeowners and businesses!