Home sales in Portland, OR are on the rise again and the real estate market has become increasingly aware of the risks associated with being involved in a nonconforming sewer transaction.

You are unlikely to enter into a real estate agreement with any local real estate broker without him or her giving you a recommendation for a sewer scope. A sewer scope allows for a video inspection of the inner workings of a sewer system. As the real estate market in Portland continues to evolve, buyers’ agents continue to request proof that the property’s sewer is meeting code requirements. You don’t want to be caught off guard. Have a sewer scope completed if you plan to put your house on the market.

A party sewer is an example of a nonconforming sewer connection in Portland, Oregon. A party sewer exists when a property’s sewer line is shared by one or more properties before entering the public sewer main. Many Portland property owners are unaware of the risks associated with having such a sewer connection. Denial of certain permits, real estate transaction delays as well as legal and financial stresses can all be associated with the discovery of a party sewer.

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