Part of maintaining optimal performance and cleanliness standards for your restaurant’s pipes includes regular drain cleaning and maintenance in the Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR areas. This article will give a brief overview of restaurant drain maintenance and restaurant drain cleaning. Before conducting pipe cleaning and maintenance for your restaurant, is it important to understand why it is necessary.

Commercial and industrial kitchens get a great deal of traffic. When many people are using the same space at once in food preparation, it can be difficult to keep up with all that is going down your drains. Often, restaurant drains become clogged with grease and sludge. Grease is a terrible offender when it comes to clogging restaurant pipes. This is especially true if the pipes have been neglected for an extended period of time, because the grease can solidify in the pipes making it extremely challenging to clean. This results in system backup and drainage issues. Continuous backup issues can cause sanitation and health concerns that can put your restaurant at risk.

Restaurant Drain Maintenance

With periodic maintenance of your restaurant’s pipes, you can prevent ever having a clog, backup or drainage issue. For maximum prevention, you should have your restaurant drains cleaned four times a year by a trusted, professional plumbing expert. Most restaurant drain maintenance services include pipe cleaning using a plumbing snake, followed by a degreasing solution to ensure no standing grease is still lingering about.
However, if your restaurant encounters an unusually high amount of grease that tends to cause backup issues, then your periodic maintenance may include pipe water jetting, a high-pressure cleaning method, to shred the grease and quickly eliminate it .

Do Your Part

In addition to hiring a professional plumber to conduct quarterly restaurant pipe cleaning and maintenance services, there are things you and your employees can do in the meantime. This includes:

  • Protecting all drains with a screen to prevent unnecessary clogs from random objects
  • Correct use of food disposals and plumbing fixtures
  • Refrain from using harsh chemicals for cleaning, as they can damage your pipes
  • Choose a certified and professional plumber for your restaurant pipe maintenance needs

Benefits Of Regular Drain Maintenance

With regular maintenance of your restaurant’s pipes you will always be aware of their condition, allowing you to plan for repairs or other issues before they cause emergencies.
Most preventative restaurant maintenance programs have open availability, meaning that you can schedule this service after hours to avoid disruption during busy service hours. An experienced plumber will do their best to accommodate your restaurant’s busy schedule to ensure optimal customer service.
Additionally, you can always schedule video pipe inspections as well during your regular maintenance visits. This service offers additional security because you will get an actual visual of the drain pipe interiors.
Don’t forget that your grease traps, catch basins and other liquid-waste receptacles also need to be cleaned regularly by a licensed professional. Most areas require that these items be cleaned professionally and regularly to keep in line with regulations.