Procrylic 60 In. X 32 In. Shower Surround In White

Engineered for style, design and durability, Delta ProCrylic® Material helps you create a high gloss acrylic look that lasts in your bath. Each bath and shower is fashioned with a sleek, refined look that feels at home with any décor. Mildew-resistant and easy to clean, Delta bath products built from ProCrylic® Material are as easy to maintain as they are to install for a cost-effective bath that’s simply beautiful.
Long-lasting beauty for your bath
Style, design, and durability
Durable, bright-white, high-gloss material
Easy to handle and install, with no fiberglass backing
Acrylic shower panels feature large shelves and deep ledges for beauty product storage
Direct-to-stud installation for increased stability
3-piece installation
Features seven shelves for storage convenience
Includes nailing flange
Smooth wall surface

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