Cadet Advanced Clean 1.0 SpaLet Bidet Seat with Cadet 3 Right Height Elongated 1.28 GPF Toilet Combo

This unique combination from American Standard pairs the superior personal cleansing of the Advanced Clean 1.0 SpaLet Bidet Seat with the powerful flush of the Cadet 3 Toilet. Together they offer a sense of well-being, comfort and cleanliness so essential in today’s home. The Advanced Clean 1.0 SpaLet is engineered for comfort with a heated seat and water temperature settings, self-cleaning dual nozzles, and easy side-panel remote operation. The Cadet 3 Right Height Elongated Toilet clears the bowl completely with a single, forceful flush that uses 20% less water than a regular toilet.

Finish: White
Notes: Elongated


  • Advanced Clean 1.0 SpaLet Seat and Cadet 3 Elongated Toilet
  • Powerful Cadet flush with PowerWash Rim & EverClean surface
  • Heated SpaLet Bidet Seat with self-cleaning nozzlesTall height and elongated bowl for greater comfort
  • High Efficiency Toilet (HET), ultra-low consumption (4.8 Lpf/1.28 gpf) utilizes 20% less water
  • WaterSense certified for water efficiency
  • Cadet flushing system with 2-1/8 in. glazed trap-way and oversized 3 in. flush valve for a thorough, powerful flush
  • Power Wash Rim scrubs the bowl with each flush
  • EverClean surface inhibits the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew
  • Cadet toilet has a limited lifetime warranty
  • Self-cleaning dual nozzles for effective front and back cleansing
  • Adjustable heated seat and water temperature for personalized comfort
  • Slow-close seat and lid eliminates slamming
  • Intuitive side-panel remote operation
  • Deodorizing charcoal filter cartridge is easy to access and clean
  • lasts approximately 10 years
  • Requires electricity
  • SpaLet Bidet Seat has 3-year warranty