Baucosmopolitan E Touchless Electronic Faucet With Temperature Control Lever, Ac-powered

The GROHE Bau Cosmopolitan E Touchless Electronic Faucet is a common-sense solution for a safer, more hygienic bathroom experience. Sleek, modern design has a precise infrared sensor that detects hand movement and turns the water on automatically without touching the faucet. Faucet turns off automatically when hands are no longer detected, ensuring water runs only when needed, and making it both eco-friendly and economical. Temperature Control Lever can be set to desired water temperature for comfort, eliminating the risk of scalding and optimizing energy savings. Featuring renowned German engineering, this touchless faucet incorporates GROHE Zero, an inner channel that protects water from contact with lead and nickel, and the GROHE EcoJoy system that uses less water without sacrificing performance and enjoyment.

Finish: Starlight Chrome
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