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sewer line replacement and water line repair in Portland OR and Vancouver WA by Clog ProGetting the water or sewer line replaced at your home may be a very good idea, especially if you own an older house. In particular, water lines on houses built before the 1960s are often made of galvanized piping that is susceptible to rust and leaking. Galvanized piping is generally only good for 50 years or so.

Is it time to replace your water line? It may be time if you have…

  • Unusually high water bills (this can be caused by leaking)
  • Visible damage from leaking to the house

Sewer lines in houses built after 1970 are usually made of PVC; before 1970 they were generally made of clay or concrete. While PVC pipes can be damaged or need to be replaced because of harsh chemicals or improper placement, it’s more likely that clay or concrete sewer pipes need to be replaced.

Is it time to replace your sewer line? It may be time if you notice…

  • Frequent sewer backups
  • Frequent slow drains

Home Water Line Replacement and Repair –
When Excavation is Needed

When it comes to replacement of your home’s water line, there are a few different options. Depending on your situation, and the specifics of your home, complete or partial excavation from the water meter to your home may be the answer. In other situations, trenchless pipe replacement may be an option. Here at Clog Pro, our plumbers can give you an honest and upfront evaluation of your water line replacement job. Obviously, no homeowner wants to dig up their yard to replace their water line, but there are times when partial, or full excavation is necessary. Clog Pro’s plumbing and drain specialists have the equipment and experience to keep costs as low as possible for water line excavation. Using a combination of excavation and trenchless water line replacement often can keep costs lower when excavation cannot be avoided.

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water line replacement and repair in portland or and vancouver wa by Clog Pro plumbing contractorsClog Pro offers free estimates on water line replacement.

Sewer Line Replacement and Repair – When Excavation is Needed

Hearing that your sewer lines need to be repaired or replaced is never good news for a home owner. Typically when a sewer line needs to be replaced, it’s not something that can wait, it puts a strain on a family’s budget, and can often leave a homeowner feeling like they need to make a decision fast, sometimes without knowing all the facts. Clog Pro’s plumbing experts specialize in sewer line replacement, and we have the equipment and expertise to handle partial to full excavations. Just as with water line replacement, trenchless pipe replacement may not be the best solution for your home. In these cases, Clog Pro can do partial to full excavations, using trenchless pipe replacement where we can to help control the costs associated with your sewer line replacement.

Clog Pro offers free estimates and expert advice on sewer line replacement.

Trenchless Pipe Replacement

Trenchless pipe replacement is a relatively new technology in plumbing that can be used for both water line replacement and sewer line replacement. This technology began to be used in residential plumbing decades ago, but many homeowners do not know of its existence.

The basic concept of trenchless technology is that precision drilling is used to locate where the plumbing pipe is located, and then a new pipe made of polyethylene is pulled through the old pipe using a special machine. In the Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington metropolitan areas, Clog Pro provides expert water line replacement and sewer line replacement services using trenchless technology.

Here are some benefits of using trenchless pipe replacement:

  • It’s usually cheaper than digging up pipes because fewer hours of labor are needed.
  • It’s less invasive than digging and does less damage to yards and landscaping.
  • It doesn’t leave a large mess to clean up.

Trenchless Pipe Replacement Methods

Directional drilling is used in both water line replacement and sewer line replacement. This is a method of drilling that is extremely precise and can be done in all types of soil as well as through rock. It can be done near flower beds, sidewalks, etc. without causing damage.

Pipe bursting is the term used to describe the installation of polyethylene pipe right where the damaged pipe was located. A pulling machine breaks the old pipe while simultaneously pulling the new polyethylene pipe through. The individual sections of the new polyethylene pipe are fused so that they become a single, seamless pipe. This makes it less susceptible to breaks. Moreover, pipes made of polyethylene are less susceptible to damage from chemicals and microbes than pipes made of other material.

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