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toilet drain cleaning plumber in portland OR and vancouver WA by Clog Pro PlumbingToilets, sink drains and shower drains represent secondary drain lines that are connected to one large sewer main line. These lines can often become clogged by paper, hair and grease.

While these different drains share many similarities, clogged toilet drains represent some of the most common and problematic clogs. This is because of the combination of paper and waste within older types of pipes that may be present in a business or home.

Why do clogged toilet drains occur?

The most common reason for a clogged toilet drain in a high traffic residential or business situation is large amounts of toilet paper, wipes or paper towels being flushed down the drain. These items do not break down as water passes through them, and may create a blockage that restricts the flow of water.

Another reason pertains to older clogs. As grease passes through secondary lines, it tends to accumulate on the sides of lines like plaque in an artery. This leads to an inevitable restriction of the pipe, which in turn allows for clogs to occur on a more frequent basis. Clogged toilet drain cleaning using jetting will generally resolve these types of problems.

The last reason for a clog pertains to a shift in the pipe or foundation of a structure. If the sewer line becomes sloped differently than it should be, then water may drain too fast without carrying away paper and waste. This results in clogged toilet drains, which in turn may require more than just clogged toilet drain cleaning.

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What can be done to prevent these problems?

In a residence or a small business bathroom used by only employees, there are a few things that can be done to prevent the need for blocked toilet repair.

These actions include:

  • Controlling the amount of paper and waste flushed down the toilet at one time.
  • Using “full” flushes for paper and waste when a water-efficient toilet is used.
  • Routinely using the services of a plumber to perform clogged toilet drain cleaning and to maintain secondary sewer lines.

What should you do when a clogged toilet drain occurs?

If a toilet becomes clogged, the first thing you should try to do is to use a plunger. This will push air and water through the line, and this may unclog the toilet.

If the clog occurs frequently, or a plunger does not work, then you should call a plumber for assistance. Our clogged toilet service can mechanically remove obstructions in toilet sewer lines by using an auger or water pressure.

Our service will reliably and quickly resolve any issues that you might have. If any broken plumbing is encountered, we can quickly solve the issue to make your plumbing safe and reliable to use.

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Toilet Drain Cleaning in Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR

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