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shower and bathtub drain cleaning plumber in portland OR and vancouver WA by clog pro plumbingBusinesses and homes have a number of secondary lines that connect drains with main lines. These lines typically are smaller, and carry the more problematic materials away from a drain. This is why these drains tend to clog the most.

Showers and bathtub drains represent one of the more problematic drains to deal with. Unlike toilets and sinks, few people expect these drains to clog.

The unfortunate fact is that they do tend to get clogged, but they may not become clogged in a way that completely stops water from draining. They may grow slower and slower as more blockages accumulate.

Why do bathtub and shower drains clog?

The first step to understanding why services like clogged shower drain cleaning and clogged bathtub drain cleaning are necessary involves understanding why these drains clog in the first place.

These drains are exposed to water, soap and hair. Some drains may be exposed to dirt, grease and oil depending upon who showers or bathes in the bathroom.

Water, which includes hard water with excessive minerals, will allow certain minerals to accumulate on the sides of drains. This provides a durable place for soap and hair to cling to, which in turn allows for clogs to begin forming.

Can you prevent clogged bathroom drains?

Homeowners and business owners can maintain drains to reduce the occurrence of clogs in these drains.

Most drains are accessible enough to remove any fixtures with minimal tools. A wire coat hanger or Zip-It tool can be enough to dislodge any buildup of hair or soap residue.

The problem is that these issues typically require a large amount of maintenance. Unclogging a drain does not necessarily clean it, as the mineral and soap buildup may still be present in the drain. Hair that is pushed further into the drain may occlude the entire secondary line.

This is why it may be advantageous to hire a professional to perform a clogged shower drain cleaning.

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What can we do to fix clogged drains?

Our clogged shower drain cleaning and clogged bathtub drain cleaning services are designed to facilitate your needs. We will thoroughly and safely clean your drains to ensure that soap, hard water and hair cannot clog your bathtub and shower drains.

Our services will not harm your plumbing, which in turn helps to ensure that your plumbing will last while remaining reliable. If we notice any damage to your plumbing during cleaning, we can help you affordably repair these issues to help keep your drains working as they should.

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Shower & Bathtub Drain Cleaning in Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR

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