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You rely on your residential plumbing system day in and day out. Showering, cooking, cleaning, and watering your lawn all requires your plumbing system to do its job. With the frequent use of this system over an extended period of time, eventually, it will begin to disintegrate. When your plumbing system begins to fail, it is time for a plumbing repipe service from trusted and experienced professionals. The most common home plumbing failure symptoms include gurgling drains, rusty water, discolored water, frequently clogged pipes, leaking pipes, low water pressure, and slow running water.

Plumbing Repipes

If your plumbing system is 25 years or older, a thorough inspection from a licensed and reputable plumber is in your best interest. Home plumbing issues should never be neglected in the Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA areas as Clog Pro is available to provide you with a competent home plumbing repipe inspection today. Imagine you delayed a plumbing inspection only to have your system fail and result in insurmountable economic damages. Even small leaks can end up turning into big plumbing problems. Don’t become the victim of an aged plumbing system, and get your home’s plumbing inspected at the first sign of trouble. You will be glad you did.

Home Plumping Repipes

Home plumbing repipes requires the expertise of plumbing professionals that are committed to delivering top quality service. Repiping your residential plumbing system is no small task, and should only be entrusted to competent plumbers that have previous experience conducting this type of complicated plumbing work. Fortunately, Clog Pro is available to conduct superior quality PEX repiping for those in the Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA areas. The experienced journeyman plumbers with Clog Pro understand the stress and concern involved with a plumbing job of this size and are willing to answer any questions you may have about the process from start to finish. As reputable experts in copper and PEX repiping, you can have peace of mind when you choose Clog Pro, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

When you choose Clog Pro for your residential copper or PEX piping repipe job, you will get personalized service from professionals who care about doing a job well done. First, a licensed journeyman plumber will conduct a home plumbing inspection. Second, the results of the inspection will be written in detail and provided to you with an estimate for service. Third, a discussion about the type of repiping materials will take place. Clog Pro recommends either copper or polybutylene (PEX) piping as these are of the best quality and will last the longest. Once the job has been approved, your main water line will be shut down and the job will commence as efficiently as possible without compromising quality. When the job is complete, another thorough inspection will occur to make sure the job was conducted correctly.

Oftentimes at the completion of a residential plumbing repipe job, drywall will need to be replaced or other minor repairs conducted as a result of locating and removing all of the compromised piping. Your journeyman plumber has experience working with other contractors if needed to ensure your home is left as it was found.

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Differences between Copper and PEX Piping

Clog Pro asserts that both copper and PEX piping are great options for your residential repipe job. Both of these options are considered industry best practices for those in need of a new plumbing system. Before you decide which type of plumbing material you need for your home plumbing repipe, consider the information below:

  • PEX piping is significantly less expensive than Copper piping
  • PEX piping is of good quality and Copper piping is of better quality
  • PEX repiping takes less time to conduct than copper repiping
  • Partial replacements are not available for PEX piping but are available for Copper piping
  • PEX piping requires confident and competent professionals with experience with this material, as even the smallest mistake could ruin the job

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