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Clog Pro plumbing fixtures garbage disposal kitchen sink drain plumbers portland oregon vancouver washingtonGarbage disposals are a modern convenience that no kitchen should go without. There are numerous benefits to having one installed, and people who frequently use them are commonly at a loss when something goes wrong. Failure to fix a compromised disposal could result in the clogging of your plumbing, increased pest infestation and kitchen odor from rotting food waste in pipes.

If you need assistance with your garbage disposal, call Clog Pro and we will send a professional out to fix your issue fast.

Clog Pro proudly offers a wide array of garbage disposal installation services for those in the Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR areas. Our services include replacement, repair and installation. The certified technicians on staff at Clog Pro know how to recognize garbage disposal issues and have the skills to resolve any problem quickly. If you are in need of a replacement garbage disposal, we can remove your old one and outfit your kitchen with a new one in a jiffy. We have been resolving garbage disposal issues for over two decades, and we have a reputation for fast and skillful service.

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Benefits to Having a Garbage Disposal

Clog Pro plumbing fixtures garbage disposal kitchen sink drain plumbers portland oregon vancouver washingtonMany people enjoy their garbage disposals because it makes it significantly easier for them to clean dishes and deal with unwanted food waste. What some may not realize is that there are numerous other benefits to having a disposal besides its convenience. Additional benefits include:

  • Low operation costs and water usage
  • Food waste entering the sewer system from garbage disposals is recycled into fertilizer
  • Less waste going into landfills
  • Significantly less accumulated garbage in the household
  • Vastly improved sanitary conditions in the household
  • Decreased chance of pest infestations
  • Less methane emissions, as decomposing food waste in landfills emits methane

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Garbage Disposal in Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR

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