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kitchen sink drain cleaning plumbers in portland or and vancouver wa by clog pro plumbingA backed up kitchen sink is one of the most common problems homeowners face. This is because of the variety of food and chemical waste that tends to get put into the drain as the result of washing dishes, preparing fruits and vegetables, and cleaning other utensils.

This makes clogged kitchen sink drain cleaning one of the most popular plumbing services that our customers call us for.

What makes kitchen sink clogs tough to deal with?

The main reason backed up kitchen sinks are so difficult to deal with pertains to the nature of what causes them to clog. Hard rinds from melons, for example, can clog the secondary lines at the garbage disposal or inside the line itself.

These clogs are similar to paper clogs in toilets. They must be removed mechanically to ensure that the drain can continue to function. Running low-pressure water through these clogs will seldom unclog them. Even plungers may be ineffective at removing a clog in a sink.

The other reason these clogs are so problematic pertains to the buildup that may occur in kitchen drains. Soap, old food and other materials can accumulate on the drain pipe walls, which in turn allows for clogs to develop more readily.

Signs your kitchen drain may clog

While some clogs occur suddenly, many develop over a period of months to years. This is why recognizing the signs of a clog can help prevent a backed up kitchen sink before the need for clogged kitchen sink drain cleaning develops.

The signs of a soon-to-be drain clog include:

  • A kitchen sink that gurgles or smells
  • Slow draining of water
  • The occasional clog that is “fixed” by running some water
  • Clogs that occur when the temperature changes outside
  • Slow drains after running dish soap down the drain

If you experience any of the signs of a backed up kitchen sink, then calling a plumber is your best bet. Backed up kitchen drains are one of the few fixtures that should be serviced by an experienced professional due to the dangers associated with garbage disposals.

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Kitchen sink drain cleaning in Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR

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