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Power Rooter Drain Service

Power rooter drain cleaning and plumbing services by Clog Pro in Vancouver WA and Portland OR.Power rooting is a service that Clog Pro offers. Homeowners may need it even if they don’t know it. Although most people only call a plumber once something breaks or backs up, proactive maintenance using power rooting can be useful.

What Is Power Rooting ?

A power rooting machine sends a flexible cable with blades through the plumbing system to physically break up and clear any blockage. Once deployed, the cable is spun by a motor, much like a drill is spun. This breaks up anything that might be trapped inside the pipes. A power rooter can find its way around corners and vertical and horizontal expanses inside the building’s plumbing system.

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When To Get Power Rooter Service?

A home or business owner may need a power rooter service for specific situations where a clog has been discovered. A clog usually manifests itself when water drains slower than usual or not at all. Many resort to hardware store chemical cleaners. However, research shows these chemicals usually can’t dislodge serious clogs and can eventually eat through the pipes, causing even bigger issues. In some homes, tree roots slowly find their way into aging pipes and can completely block sewer access.

Many savvy homeowners schedule regular power rooter services, once or twice a year, in order to maintain their plumbing lines. It is always better to take preventive measures with power rooter drain cleaning to clear out any growing clogs before they become huge issues.

Failure to properly maintain drainage – especially in older homes – can lead to serious damage and even unsanitary or unsafe living conditions. Mold, structural damage and bacteria can all be consequences of not maintaining plumbing systems. The cost for power rooter drain cleaning to prevent serious clogging is far better than the massive amounts of damage that could be caused by a serious sewer backup. Power rooter services can help homeowners and businesses resolve all these issues.

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Power Rooter Drain Cleaning in Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR

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