There’s nothing like a steamy, hot shower to wake you in the morning but if you have low water pressure, your experience may be less than ideal. Low water pressure is a common occurrence in homes. While it’s possible to remedy this issue yourself, it’s often a better idea to call a professional plumber like Clog Pro Plumbing.

Keep reading to learn about some common causes of low water pressure and which ones you should leave for the experts.

DIY Low Water Pressure Fixes

Clogged Aerators

Showerheads and faucets have aerators in them to control water flow. Over time, they can become clogged with limestone, dirt, grime, and rust, impacting your water flow. You can remove the aerator, which looks like a small screen, and clean them up if they’re full of gunk. You may also need to replace them.

Water Valve Issues

Check your home’s water shut-off valve to make sure it’s open all the way. Sometimes when the valve is shut off for repairs, it isn’t re-opened all of the way which can cause low water pressure. If the valve is fully open and water isn’t coming out of your plumbing fixtures, you might have a more serious problem.

Professional Low Water Pressure Fixes

Damaged Pipes

Damaged and leaky pipes can not only cause low water pressure but also lead to significant water damage. You can check your toilets, sinks, and other plumbing fixtures to see if they’re leaking. Also, check your basement or crawl space to locate any damaged pipes. If you do discover a leak, cut off the water supply and contact a professional plumber. They’ll locate the damaged pipe or leak and repair it properly.

Corroded Pipes

you may experience low water pressure if you have an older home with galvanized, brass, or copper pipes. It’s often impossible to detect corrosion since it’s inside of the pipes. If you believe corrosion is the case, contact a professional plumber. They’ll use video inspection technology to identify the issue, then either remove the corrosion or repair the weakened area.

Licensed Plumbers In Vancouver WA

If you’re dealing with low water pressure, you can count on Clog Pro Plumbing to help keep your sewer lines flowing properly. Our trusted company has been serving the Portland and Vancouver area for more than 26 years.